Open Source Day

2022 GHC Open Source Day will take place virtually on September 16th 2022 from 8am to 3pm US Pacific Time.

Open Source Day (OSD) is an all-day hackathon (including workshops) at Grace Hopper Celebration in which participants of all skill levels learn about Open Source while contributing to projects designed to solve real-world problems.

OSD provides an opportunity for participants of all skill levels and backgrounds to learn and experience open source contributions with the support of project maintainers, experienced mentors, and expert speakers, providing a fast track to becoming open source contributors.

During OSD, participants can join a project on the Contribution Track and/or attend one or more workshops from the Learning track.

Contribution Track (Projects)

On the Contribution Track, participants will contribute code to our partner open source software (OSS) projects. Participants can choose to work solo or in groups on an issue and have opportunities to meet project maintainers and experienced mentors who will be available throughout the day to help them make their OSS contribution. Additionally, as part of the contribution track, we have a “Choose your own adventure” option, where participants have the opportunity to contribute code to projects led by women maintainers or to any project in the OSS community with mentors available to help!

Learning Track (Workshops)

On the Learning Track, participants can attend hands-on workshops to help them overcome the barriers to making open source contributions. Participants will have a chance to attend technical and non-technical workshops and walk away with skills they can leverage in open source contributions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

When is 2022 Open Source Day?

2022 Open Source Day is on September 16th 2022, 8am to 3pm Pacific Time

Is Open Source Day a virtual event or in-person event?

2022 Open Source Day is a virtual only event

What is the target audience of Open Source Day?

Open Source Day is targeted toward first-time open source contributors. In the past, we have seen high attendance from students and early-career professionals. We have also seen mid-career participants who are skilled engineers but are new to open source. We welcome participants of all skill levels to join us to learn about open source!

How can I participate in Open Source Day?

There are many ways to participate in Open Source Day. We invite you to join us as a workshop speaker, a project partner, a mentor, or a participant.

Is Open Source Day a free event?

Open Source Day is part of Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). Therefore, you need a GHC ticket to participate. All selected project partners, mentors, and speakers will receive a free virtual ticket to GHC.

Who can I contact for additional questions?

If you have additional questions, please send us an email.

Project Participation Questions

What is the time commitment for project participation?

Before the event, all selected project partners are required to take some time to create good first issues, share project guidelines with assigned mentors, and work on a short presentation to introduce the project during the event.

During the event, we require at least one project representative to be present at all times. A Featured project can bring up to 3 representatives and Choose Your Own Adventure projects can bring up to 2 project representatives. Among the representatives, you are free to divide up the time (8 am to 3 pm Pacific) to choose who will be available at what time.

Can I submit a project with more than one repository?

Yes! As long as multiple repositories represent one project and project maintainers have the skills to review code contributions and have access to merge pull requests in all participating repos.

Can we reject/close out the pull requests that does not meet our project’s requirements?

Open Source Day does not give contributors a short-cut to their contributions. All participants will be required to abide by project’s code of conduct and other guidelines you have set in place. The Open Source Day team do not expect any of our project partners to accept/merge any work that does not meet project’s standards and expectations. We kindly ask you to be mindful that some participants may be new to open source contribution and decide how you want to handle the contributions made to your project.

Mentor Participation Questions

What is the time commitment for mentor participation?

Before the event, all selected mentors will be asked to complete onboarding task(s) to familiarize themselves with the assigned project. Time spent may vary based on your experience.

During the event, all mentor are required to be present at all times as they will act as the first line of support for participants.

Workshop Participation Questions

What is the time commitment for workshop participation?

Before the event, all selected speakers will need to prepare their content and attend a rehearsal with one or more OSD committee members.

During the event, speakers needs to commit ~2 hours. Each workshop is expected to be an hour, but we will ask the speakers to join early for production setup and stay around ~30 mins on slack to answer any questions that may be asked after the workshop.

What topics would be best fit for Open Source Day workshop?

We accept both technical and non-technical content related to open source. Any topic that will allow OSD participants to walkaway with a skill they can utilize in open source contribution will be considered as a possible workshop. As an example, during 2021 OSD, workshops topics offered includes: GitHub 101, How to make money contributing to open source, MLOps, inclusive language in open source, CI/CD, and more!

OSD Participant Questions

I am new to open source, is this event for me?

Yes! Open Source Day is a perfect event for folks who have little to no experience in open source. Open Source Day is an event designed to provide a safe place for you to meet open source project maintainers, skilled mentors, and code along folks who share the same interest! The Open Source Day team and volunteers will be there to guide you through finding issues suited for your skill level and support you throughout the day to help you make your first OSS contribution!