Open Source Day Summer - July 15th 2021

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Open Source Day (OSD) is an all-day hackathon (including workshops), in which participants of all skill levels learn about Open Source while contributing to projects designed to solve real world problems. The hackathon is happening during the summer of 2021 for the first time ever!

This free event is your opportunity to level up your skills and join the open source community. Join a project on the Contribution Track and as many workshops as you want from the Learning track.

On the Contribution Track, you will contribute code to our partner open source software (OSS) projects. You will work in groups, where you’ll have opportunities to learn from one another, as well as from experienced mentors, there to guide and help you make your OSS contribution. Additionally, we have a “Choose your own adventure” option, where you have the opportunity to contribute code to projects led by women maintainers or to just any project in the OSS community.

On the Learning Track, you can attend hands-on workshops that will help you overcome the barriers of making open source contributions. Learn about the Open Source community and get familiar with the tools to contribute, build and maintain open source projects. Speakers will relate the session topics to their own experiences as contributors and maintainers in the OSS community.

New to Open Source? Don’t worry! You will not be alone; We will guide you through finding issues that are suited for your skill level and there will be mentors ready to help you.