Become a Mentor

Thank you for your interest in applying to be a mentor for OSD 2021! Mentors application is opened!

Open Source Day (OSD) is an opportunity for attendees of all skill levels and backgrounds to learn and experience open source contribution with the support of experienced mentors and the project’s maintainers, providing a fast track to becoming one of the projects contributors, gaining experience and knowledge on open source processes and technologies and adding valuable skills to their resume.

Many OSD attendees will be contributing to open source projects for the first time. To support them and ensure their experience is positive and fun, we are looking for mentors that will walk the attendees through finding a project and an issue, explaining the contribution requirements of the project, working on a solution, and then going through the code review process to close the issue.

When can I apply to be a mentor?

We are currently in the process of signing up projects to participate in OSD. Whenever a project is added, the application for that project is opened. Register above to get informed when new projects are added.

When will I know if I was accepted?

We will review applications every Monday and Thursday at 5PM PDT.

Status letters will be sent 1-2 days after.

What skills make a good OSD mentor?

To be successful as an OSD mentor, besides feeling comfortable with a project tech stack, you will need to feel comfortable using git, communicating in code reviews and mentoring others. We also ask that you become a contributor of a project before applying to become its mentor.

Why do I need to become a contributor?

Each Open Source project has different onboarding process for new contributors. OSD participants will need to follow this process for their changes to be submitted and we discovered that knowing this process is important to your success as a mentor.

The mentors application includes links to each project’s contribution guide. Follow this guide to find good first issue, and open a pull request that resolves the issue.

Paste a link to the pull request in your application!

Where can I find the list of projects?

Mentors application is opened for the following projects:

Follow the instructions in the contribution guide of each project to setup your environment, find issues and submit pull request.

What am I committing to do?

Before OSD:

  • Participate in an online training (~1hr)
  • Review your assigned project’s documentation and setup and propose improvements
  • Get acquainted with the project’s representatives
  • Spread the word regarding OSD 😊
  • Engage with participants in your assigned project OSD slack channel that will be opened 2 weeks before the event
  • Assist participants during our virtual setup party

On the day of OSD:

  • Join your assigned OSD project video conference to engage with participants and help them through the day
  • Answer questions in your assigned project OSD Slack channel
  • Ensure that the Code of Conduct is maintained and the OSD environment is kept safe and fun
  • Engage with participants to help them find an issue to work on, find a solution to their selected issue, and submit a merge request

Mentors benefits

OSD mentors that will participate in both OSD Summer 2021, that will take place on July 15th from 9AM-5PM PDT, and OSD vGHC2021, that will take place on the week of September 27th, will be eligible to receive a free vGHC 2021 ticket.

Click here to apply!