Open Source Hack

Open Source Hack is a virtual open source program by Open Source Community. This program aims to help participants begin contributing to various Open Source Projects by highlighting non-coding paths to contribute to open source.

Our open source community is OPEN TO EVERYONE, including UI/UX designers, developers, testers and beyond to participate in creating social impact products to help nonprofit or NGO communities. We talk about technology, design, implementation, testing methodologies and more to help build products that are innovative and useful to those who are using them. Our goal is to be inclusive to the largest number of contributors, with the most varied and diverse backgrounds possible.

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During the contest's time, July 1st - July 15th, you have to submit a pull request for each of the following issues labeled:

  • Documentation/Training
  • User Interface
  • Outreach/Research
  • Quality Assurance
  • Coding
  • All issues must have the label "Open Source Hack" to be eligible for this program.

    More Details Open Source Hack is a platform for participants to showcase and improve their skill set, contribute to all aspects of open source software development and work with a global community.

    • Increase community and peer recognition.
    • Gain experience by contributing to user level software.
    • Mentors to help you achieve your goals.
    • Digital Certificate of Completion on submitting at least 4 PRs
    • LinkedIn Badge


    Open Source Hack by is open for all (students and working professionals). It provides a platform to all the participants to showcase their skills in an international Open Source Program.

  • Access to a computer.
  • Access to the internet.
  • A GitHub account.
  • Open Source Hack Issues

    All of the available issues will be labeled with "Open Source Hack"

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There is no registration! All you have to do is submit Pull Requests for Issues that are labeled "Open Source Hack." Follow our instructions above in the "Rules" section.

    It's a great program to learn a new skill while at the same time earning a digital certificate! It's also very beginner friendly to help eliminate the anxiety of contributing to open source. :)

    No coding is needed to complete this program! We will have all kinds of issues available, so you can complete the program without ever coding.

    We are working on Mentorship Backend, Mentorship Android, STEM diverse TV and Bridge In Tech. So, for the coding issues, it would be helpful to know Python, Kotlin or JavaScript.

    Anyone can participate! There can be a 13 year old contributor who's been coding since primary school or a retired 70 year old who has never coded before! Check the "Eligibility" section for additional details.

    Once we receive your Google Form, we will email you the digital certificate after confirming your Pull Requests. :)

    We are unable to issue you a certificate if you do not meet our criteria.